• Heading to the Tower

  • A Fine Haul

  • The Pig Pickin'

Tower Shoot - Pheasant Release

The Event

The Tower Shoot is a twice-annual event held on the last Saturday of January and February. The cost for the shoot is $140 per person. Bird cleaning is provided afterwards; the rate for pheasant is $1 each. The pig pickin' lunch (pictured on the left) is provided for all hunters at no additional cost.

The Tower is surrounded by eight stations, accommodating two hunters each. Twelve pheasants are released from the Tower at a time, with hunter teams rotating clockwise to the next station after each iteration.

Rules and Requirements

  • NC Hunting License
    or NC Shooting Preserve Permit


  • Safety Gear
    Blaze Orange Headgear or Vest
    Ear/eye protection recommended

    All Hunters must sign a release form before leaving the lodge

  • NO alcoholic beverages are allowed during the hunt

  • The maximum size shotgun allowed is 12-gauge, and no shot size larger than #4 is permitted.